Are you starting an event catering business? One of the major steps to take when starting is to find a supplier for catering equipment and supplies. You need various equipment such as cooking equipment and cookware, refrigeration systems, dishwasher, coffee machine, storage containers, glassware and so much more. You need to work with an event catering supply company, and here are a few things that you should look for when doing your research.

Broad Range of Catering Supplies

The last thing you want is to hop from one supplier to another to buy items for your business. If possible, find a supplier who has a full range of catering equipment and supplies. This includes appliances, cookware and dinnerware. There are various benefits of buying from only one company. One of the greatest one is the ability to negotiate for lower prices. Since you will be buying a lot of things at once, you can ask for discounts and end up saving a lot of money for your business. 

Quality and Energy Efficient Supplies

When buying items like cooking and refrigeration appliances, you need to look at their quality and energy rating. These items are not only costly but the success of your business relies on them. For example, if your portable cooler isn't working, food items may go bad and cost you a lot of money. Similarly, an unreliable stove or oven can cause downtime when you least expect it. Thus, only buy from a supplier with quality energy-efficient equipment. You will not only save money for repairs but also spend less on energy.

Financing Options

Starting an event catering business is no mean feat. You need a lot of capital upfront to buy appliances and supplies. If you don't have all the money, consider finding a supplier who offers financing options. Getting some items on credit can be incredibly helpful to a small business. However, take time to read the contract terms and ascertain their favourability. The last thing you want is to pay ridiculously high interest rates for the equipment.

After-Sale Services

Finally, find a supplier who offers after-sale services. Some of the equipment should be set up by a professional. If the supplier provides installation services, you can save a lot of money and time. Other essential services include maintenance and repairs. Some suppliers even stock spares for the appliances they sell. By working with them, you can be assured of quality spares and repairs services when you need them.

Shopping for catering supplies can be intimidating, especially if you're getting started. Have these things in mind when looking for a supplier to ensure you find a reputable one with quality services!