Here are two mistakes that all new caterers must try to avoid making when they start their businesses.

Bulk-ordering too many ingredients from event catering supply companies

One mistake that all new caterers must avoid is bulk-ordering too many ingredients from event catering supply companies. New caterers who make this error usually do so because they (understandably) want to ensure that they have everything they need, should they get a sudden influx of bookings that require them to prepare dozens of dishes. However, generally speaking, it's best for those with new catering businesses to be more conservative when placing orders with event catering supply companies and to only order enough to allow them to prepare, for example, meals for perhaps five or six events.

The reason for this is that whilst it's essential for a caterer with a thriving, well-established business to have a wide variety of ingredients in large quantities, it's often a waste of money for a new caterer to stock up in this manner, as most catering businesses take a while to develop solid customer bases. As such, even if a new caterer were to only bulk-order long-life ingredients, such as flour, these ingredients (which still have a shelf-life) could get mouldy before the caterer gets the opportunity to use them up.

Not ordering any high-end ingredients

The majority of event catering supply companies sell at least a few luxury ingredients. Some new caterers make the error of not ordering any of these more luxurious items, due to not wanting to splurge on goods that they don't expect most of their initial clients to request (as it's relatively rare for new caterers to get booked for high-end events where the food served needs to be of a higher-than-average standard). However, having just a few high-end ingredients (such as some dried saffron or a bottle of truffle oil) and using small amounts of these in even the simple dishes they make for their clients could make these meals more decadent, satisfying and sophisticated, which could, in turn, result in these customers booking them for other future events, too.

Furthermore, if a new caterer is lucky enough to land a client at the last minute who wants them to cater a very high-end event, having at least a few luxury ingredients available would mean that they wouldn't have to rush out and source these expensive ingredients for the client's tasting appointment.

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