Weddings take a lot of planning, and wedding catering is an important part of it. There's the main meal to think about, then there's normally a buffet or some other food served when the evening arrives. But wedding parties can go on rather late, so it's becoming increasingly common to serve more food later on, even as late as midnight. After all, there's likely to be a lot of dancing and alcohol, and people need something to keep them going and to soak up the booze.

Luckily, this late-night offering doesn't have to be anything fancy or complicated. Try some of these ideas to keep your wedding guests full and relatively sober.


A slice of pizza is always welcome late in the evening after a few beers or glasses of wine, and it's easy to serve up and let people help themselves. Choose a few different sets of toppings so everyone can eat something they like. You can also serve up some extras like garlic bread and chips, but it's not necessary, and pizza is enough in itself.


If you're having an outdoor wedding, there's no greater way to serve up some extra food than to get the barbecue going. Have the caterer cook up some burgers and sausages, then let people fill rolls themselves with their choice of extra toppings and sauces. It's easy to include some veggie burgers, too, if you have guests who don't eat meat.

Sandwich bar

Slightly fancier than just serving up sandwiches, and with way more choice, laying out a selection of sandwich fillings with some sliced bread or rolls lets people create their own. Again, it's a simple way to cater to different dietary requirements, especially if you put out some gluten-free bread and separate meats from other fillings.

Fish and chips

There are few things better than a serving of fresh, hot chips, except when they're partnered with battered fish to make this classic takeaway dish. Use mini fillets of fish and let people grab what they want, so it's quick for everyone to get food and nobody has more than they want.

Pie station

Pies can be served hot or cold, and they're surprisingly versatile. Include two or three different types of pie, with or without extras like chips. People can grab whatever they fancy, and if you're serving cold pie, your guests can even hold onto a slice while they carry on dancing the night away.